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New NASA Mission App for iPad

NASA has released a new iPad app, which provides users with the latest information on NASA’s science missions, including spacecraft, their instruments, data, and what NASA scientists are learning from the missions. The app is available for free here.  

Doomsday 2012

In case you start getting questions from your students, here is a great resource to use or point them to for dealing with Doomsday anxiety! Resources for Responding to Doomsday 2012: An Annotated Guide

365 Days of Astronomy

A nice collection of podcasts for every day. 365 Days of Astronomy  

Pulsar timekeepers measure up to atomic clocks

Interesting article on pulsars!  

Check out the new bibliography page!

On it you will find a nice catalog of astronomy apps from Astronomy Education Review! Please check these out and leave a comment here about your experience.

Final Project Assignments

Eman – Gamma Ray History (Stirling Colgate) Isaac – Gamma Ray Science (Dieter Hartmann) Jackie – Gamma Ray Tools (Neil Gehrels) Mark – Gamma Ray Impact (Chryssa Kouveliotou) Lessons can be accessed from the Gamma Ray Module homepage Click here to review requirements for the Final Project.


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