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Expectations for Presentations – Teachers

The presentations of lesson plans on the final days of our program will entail the following:

  • Each teacher (Bill, Diane, Eddie, Mercy, and Nik) will take 30-45 minutes to present his/her lesson plan to the entire group.  The entire group includes the students, program staff, Don York, and possibly other scientists.  (More time is permitted, if needed.)
  • You can do this as a PowerPoint presentation or other format.  I suggest following the lesson plan template as a way of organizing your presentation.
  • If you plan to do a hands-on activity as part of your lesson (such as using SDSS), plan to briefly demonstrate or describe what you will do.
  • The mentors will use a rubric to evaluate the teacher lesson plans and make suggestions for improvements.
  • Presentation of the lesson plan is a requirement of the program.  Any suggested edits based on the mentor evaluations (which I would expect to be minor) will need to be made before submitting your final lesson plan to me.
  • If your lesson plan requires more than minor edits before finalizing, I will arrange a two-week extension for you to work with a colleague to improve your lesson plan.  The lesson plan will be due on August 14.

Mentors may also do lesson plans, if they wish.  Please contact me if you are interested in doing one.


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